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Google app content hidden

images google app content hidden

This works on most emojis depicting people or body parts, such as a thumbs up. However, if you double-tap on the button, you'll immediately jump from your current app to the one you were previously using. Open Settings, go to Displayand change the Auto-rotate screen option. Finally, select an app and pick the Don't optimize option. To disable this default, perform a long press on any blank part of a home screen. Choose Voice Matchand then the phrase "OK Google" will work at any time, even when your device is locked.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 content hidden on lock screen

  • All my notifications on the lock screen show no details, just 'Content app doesn' t sync exchange calendar items to the google calendar like.

    24 hidden Android settings you should know about Popular Science

    Apr 13, You'll find that the content of messages will be hidden, and with some apps the name and image of the sender is hidden too.

    such as the Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 6, but you'll need to turn on a pin, pattern or password for. notifications you want, you can change settings for certain apps or for your whole Android device. Option 3: Show notifications but hide sensitive content.
    Jumping immediately from app to app is not, strictly speaking, a setting—but it still makes a very useful shortcut.

    Tap the clock, and you can choose to snooze the alert for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours. Here, you'll find volume sliders for media, alarms, and ringtones.

    Android phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but within, they all run the same basic operating system. Now, if you get a notification, for example a message of WhatsApp or SMS, then you will see the contents of the text message directly displayed on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

    But what if you want to clear those distractions now, but revisit them later, when you have time to deal with them properly?

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    images google app content hidden
    Google app content hidden
    If someone should discover your phone after you've been in an accident, having your key medical information show up on the lock screen could save your life.

    Just go to Connected devices and select Cast. If you have a new message on your Samsung Galaxy S7 received, for example via WhatsApp or the classic text message, then the notification icon and perhaps the following text will appear on the lock screen: Although the same Android code runs all of these phones, manufacturers often modify the operating system by slapping a software skin on top.

    Your default ringtone will remain the same—change it in Settings, under Sound, via the Phone ringtone option. You'll be able to view your handset's location on a map, among other options.

    Whenever I had Google Maps, I couldn't "peek" at the notification on my lockscreen because the content was hidden.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 content hidden on lock screen

    Same goes with texts and. On my Samsung Galaxy S7 lock screen I receive the message “content hidden”, if Ig get a new message.

    images google app content hidden

    How to show content?. I also took a few play store updates for the Google app itself recently.

    images google app content hidden

    Changed the Hide/Show content settings in the Lock Screen section of.
    Any help would be appreciated. Android now comes with built-in casting, so you can mirror the screen on any monitor or television equipped with a Chromecast device. Next, hit the Not optimized link, then All apps.

    Android can do this by recognizing your car stereo as a "trusted" Bluetooth device, one that proves you're in possession of your phone. Eye icon on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 status bar - Meaning?

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    images google app content hidden
    To change notification settings for individuals, launch the Contacts app, tap on a contact name, open the menu three dots on the top rightand choose Set ringtone. If you're using the default Google keyboard, then this neat trick will make it easier to move the text cursor just one or two characters at a time.

    However if you own a phone that runs a different version of Android, you can still apply these settings—you just have to rummage around a little more to find them. Should you have no problem with that, then you can change the settings as follows, so that the message will be displayed directly on the lock screen and the text "hidden content" will no longer appear.

    Return to the Home Settings screen discussed in the previous tip. Once the time has expired, the notification reappears as if it's come through for the first time.